Date: 1972


Description: This bulldog trophy was given as an award to Jack Miller, a Senator from Sioux City. The plaque on the trophy reads “Watchdog of the Treasury Award for 1971-1972, Hon. Jack Miller, National Associated Businessmen,” and was given to him in his second term as Senator. Miller was a Republican who moved to Sioux City with his parents in 1932 when he was 16. He served in the Air Corps during World War II. After the war he began the practice of private law in Sioux City before he was elected into the United States Senate in 1960. Many people wanted him to seek a third term in 1977 but he declined. While he was senator Miller was he was a firm advocate of improving education, preserving natural resources, and expanding U. S. trade with foreign nations. He was strongly against the Vietnam War and especially of the costly government spending of the time, which likely lead to his receiving of this award. After his second term he became a federal judge on the five-member U. S. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals until his retirement to Temple Terrace, Florida. He was interred at Arlington National Cemetery.


Donor: Jack Miller

Jack Miller Trophy

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