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Coke and Chesterman Bottlecaps

Date: c. 1940


Description: These four bottle caps were manufactured by the Chesterman Company, a bottling company and soft drink manufacturer based here in Sioux City. They are likely made out of aluminum, and made in the crown-style with a cork sealant on the inside. Two of the bottles are for Coca-Cola, one for 7-Up and one for a cherry soda made by Chesterman itself. Cilo Chesterman came to Sioux City in 1885 and started up a bottling business with Frederick Barrow called Chesterman & Barrow. Barrow left the business and William C. Lane took his place, forming Chesterman & Lane. In 1899 Lane left the company and formed his own bottling business, and the company became Chesterman Company from then on. Originally the company was bottling its own carbonated drinks, in flavors like lemon, sarsaparilla, vanilla and strawberry. In 1904 the company became enfranchised with Coca-Cola, began bottling their products and sales skyrocketed. They continued bottling their own products along with Coca-Cola until the 1940s when it discontinued its own line and bottled exclusively Coca-Cola products. In the 1960s and 1970s it expanded to include metal cans and plastic bottles. Since then Chesterman has become franchised with other brand names and even bottled limited edition Sioux City water for the city special events. They continue to operate today with their headquarters at South Lewis Boulevard, with 10 different bottling warehouses across the nation.

Donor: Brett Fairbanks

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