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What We Do

Many different businessmen, executives, and entrepeneurs have come and changed the economy of Sioux City, from John Peirce to the Waitt family. In the heart of the city growing businesses and enterprises thrived, but we're still in the midwest, a region profoundly connected to its agriculture. Farmers from all over the region came to Sioux City for its flourishing agricultural markets, especially in the meat industry. Where there's business there's pleasure, and as people flocked to the city for the job market Sioux City also became a haven for its own brand of recreational activities. However nothing is rosy and beautiful foreve. Through its history Sioux City and its inhabitants have had to overcome some of the harshest adversities. These collections cover all these areas and more, and show just what people in this city do in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances.


This collection contains items from Sioux City's wide variety of businesses and entrepeneurs that helped shape Sioux City's economy.

These items come from the farms on the very edges of Sioux City who came to market here. There are also items from the prestigeous meat packing and stockyard industries.

Items from this collection show how Sioux City and its people have overcome a great many disasters over the years, from fires and floods to financial panics. This collection also highlights the city's police force, fire departments, and those who served in the military.

Theatre, music, sports, and festivals like Rivercade and Artsplash! This collection is all about how Sioux City takes a break and how we have some fun!

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