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Where We Are

Sioux City's location has always been a key factor in how plants, animals, and people have made a living here throughout history. We sit at the convergence of rivers: the Floyd, the Big Sioux, Perry and Bacon Creeks, and of course the Mighty Mo herself. In the silt and the loess deposits people forged a living here, and eventually Sioux City herself sprang up here in the heartland of the Midwest. These collections allow you to discover the geologic past of the region, as well as take a walk downtown and discover how the city's landscape has changed through the years. 



This collection contains items that explore Sioux City's geology, geography, and archaeological past.


In this collection, take a walk through the different areas of downtown and see how the city has changed through its history.

This collection explores the different ways and means of travel Sioux Cityans have utilized throughout the city’s history, whether bustling around town or in and out of the city.

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