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Who We Are

Throughout our long history Sioux City's population has been very diverse. Various Native American tribes occupied regions of what is now Sioux City at different points throughout time. Explorers such as Lewis and Clark opened up the west and midwest to white settlers, who flocked to Siouxland because of its rich soil and key location on the rivers. As the city grew more diverse peoples from all over the world came to Sioux City to grow and thrive. The collections below contain items that explore the ever-changing population of Siouxland and Sioux City itself, and how and why different kinds of people came to live here.


Items in this collection tell the history of the Native American tribes and people who lived in the region where Sioux City and its neighbors now stand. 

In this collection meet and explore items from the first European settlers of Sioux City, as well as the people who platted the town.

Sioux City has been home to many different types of cultures and populations throughout its history. Discover some of them here.

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