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Photo of Sioux City East Addition

Date: 1862


Description: This is a very early photo of the second area John Cook bought for the formation of Sioux City, called the “Sioux City East Addition.” Today this area covers most of what is now Downtown. The photograph looks west from approximately Eighth and Jackson Street, and none of the buildings in the photograph have been identified. The two boys playing in the foreground are young Edgar Stone on the left, and Charlie Chamberlin on the right. Edgar Stone was the son of T. J. Stone, who founded the First National Bank in Sioux City, and Charlie Chamberlain was the son of George Chamberlain, one of John Cook’s contemporaries who platted the town with him. Both boys would eventually work in Stone’s bank and Edgar Stone’s wife Lucia donated some of the land that would eventually become Stone State Park.


Donor: Robert Joseph

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