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Souvenir Charles Lindbergh Fob

Date: 1927


Description: This metal fob with leather strap was a souvenir of the Guggenheim Tour of Charles Lindbergh, the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Lindbergh took the challenge in response to an offer from Raymond Orteig, a hotel owner in New York City, who offered $25,000 (over $330,000 today) to the first aviator who could fly across the Atlantic. Needless to say Lindbergh achieved this but before he left he had a meeting with Harry Guggenheim, an aviation enthusiast, who asked Lindbergh to “look him up” upon his return. Lindbergh did, and in July of 1927 the two began a three-month long tour across 48 states, visiting over 92 cities. The project was funded by the Guggenheim family, and the idea of the tour was to promote aviation development in the United States. On August 27, 1927 the Spirit of St. Louis touched down at Rickenbacker Field in North Sioux City, after a long, five hour journey from Fargo, North Dakota. This was a huge event for Sioux City. Thousands of people came out to hear Lindbergh speak on his journey and on the importance of aviation. Souvenirs of his journey like this one were made to commemorate his visit and to promote Sioux City to the world. Lindbergh left the city two days later for a two hour flight to Battle Creek, and from there on to Des Moines and Omaha.


Donor: C. T. Maxwell



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