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Wooden Horse

Date: 1996


Description: This wooden horse stick carving was made by the contemporary Santee artist Rick Flute, who lived and worked in Sioux City, and then purchased for display in the museum. It is made of an unvarnished wood that is very lightweight, and the mane and tail are made of real horsehair. The carving has been given a “saddle” decorated with orange and red beads, a woven thread for reins and a bridle, and a gold bead for an eye. Hanging from the beaded tassel is a replica of an eagle feather, a powerful symbol to the Santee. Horses would have been introduced to this area by Europeans, and after contact the horse became a vital part of Native American life here on the plains. This was especially true of the different factions of the Sioux tribe, like the Santee, who had a reputation as skilled horse people.


Donor: Grace Ebner


On display

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