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Portrait of Asahel Hubbard

Date: c. 1860


Description: This is a portrait of Asahel Wheeler Hubbard, a prominent figure in early Sioux City history. He was a student of both law and politics and was well-established and wealthy before he came to Sioux City in 1857. While in Sioux City he became a district judge of Iowa from 1858 and 1862, overseeing cases from 30 different counties. He made improvements to the practices of the courts of the state so legal proceedings all across Iowa ran much more smoothly. In 1862 Hubbard was elected into the House of Representatives, making him the first U.S. Congressman from Sioux City.


Hubbard also established himself in the business world. He also helped organize the First National Bank with Thomas Stone, and was a good friend to Geroge Weare, Sioux City’s first banker. He was a major investor of the railroad and helped establish some of the major railroad lines in and around Sioux City. He made efforts to try and get a major transcontinental line through Sioux City, but was unsuccessful and the line came through Omaha instead. Hubbard also was a financier for expansion movements, funding Colonel Sawyers’ expedition to explore the Dakotas. This major figure of Sioux City history died in 1877, and is currently buried at Floyd Cemetery.


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