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Named for the first area of the city that the morning light touches, one would think that Morningside takes up the area completely east of Downtown. In actuality, today Morningside stretches mostly to the south of Downtown, though still east of the Missouri and Floyd Rivers. The area got its start in the later part of the 19th century, during Sioux City’s boom years, when Edwin C. Peters moved out to the area. Peters would eventually donate his land to form an institution of higher education, which is today Morningside College, the oldest college in Sioux City. The elevated transit railroad also brought scores of people and businesses to the area, quickly turning Morningside into one of Sioux City’s premier residential areas. This tradition continues to this day, as Morningside now stretches from the edge of Greenville to Southern Hills and Singing Hills, nearly reaching Sergeant Bluff.

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