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Wooden All-America City Plaque

Date: 1962


Description: What truly defines a community in the face of disaster is how a community bands together and stays strong despite the circumstances. Sioux City and its citizens have proved apt at doing this countless times over the city’s history. Businesses and corporations promote not only their own interests but the interests of Sioux City herself. Citizens and civic organizations organize festivals, parades, and the like to celebrate Sioux City’s unique spirit. The city’s interests have also been boosted by numerous booklets, pamphlets, magazines, that advertise Sioux City as a place for businesses and people to grow and prosper.


This plaque celebrates Sioux City as the recipient of the All-America City award. This award, started in 1949, commemorates ten communities annually whose citizens have shown that they can band together to solve great challenges. Sioux City has received this prestigious award not once, but twice. The first was in 1961, when citizens and businesses came together to begin construction on a new channel for the Floyd River that would end its disastrous flooding in the area for good. The project was completed in 1964, and this plaque commemorates that win. Sioux City received the award again in 1990 due to the community response to the crash of United Flight 232.

Donor: Sioux City, Iowa, Water Department


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