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River-Cade Display Photo

Date: 1966


Description: This photo is of a display at River-Cade, an annual celebration that began in 1964 celebrating the city’s history as a port on the Missouri River. This display, put together by the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce, illustrates 10 chief reasons why Sioux City was thriving in the mid-1960s. Industry and manufacturing was on the rise, as a new era ushered in new needs for technology. These industries purchased large amounts of land for their factories and offices, boosting the housing market. Wealth distributed throughout the city, increasing not only the standard of living but savings accounts in banks as well. With spendable income retail stores spiked in popularity. Though the use of the river had died down in the 1890s with the construction of railroads, the river became an important resource for travel and trade again as channels and dams were constructed to make it more navigable. And of course the construction of the Floyd River channel, which prevented future disastrous Floyd River floods, and the booming livestock market, which brought in scores of wealth and people into the city.


The River-Cade festival, every year in July, not only celebrates Sioux City’s history as a port but her unique culture and accomplishments as well. Though the economic need for the river has died down, River-Cade is still continued to this day to celebrate Sioux City’s history and to look forward to future economic development in the city.


Donor: Douglas Davis, on behalf of Gilbert Ducommun

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