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Sherwin Map

Date: c.1865


Description: This map of Sioux City as it was in 1865 was made by George W. F. Sherwin. It is one of the oldest maps of Sioux City and displays Cook’s “Sioux City Proper” in the west, “Sioux City East Addition” in the center. There are also additions outside of the city’s main center shown on this map: “Cole’s Addition” in the east, the “Hunt & Sherwin Addition” to the north, and many others. The rather empty blocks on the map consist of land titles and their respective owners, some of which are Sioux City greats like Dr. Cook himself. Some of the land that Sherwin platted on this map was not actually granted to the city until sometime after the map was made. Despite its age it is perhaps one of the most accurate maps of Sioux City’s early days that we possess.


Sherwin was the owner of Sherwin Land Office, one of the many real estate tycoons that flourished in Sioux City’s boom town. Originally from Pennsylvania, he moved out west with the railroad and became a part of Cook’s surveying group that was designated to plat the town of Sioux City. This map was probably created for his real estate business.


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Detail of major Sioux City areas plus Cole's Addition. Click to expand,

Detail of Sioux City and Sioux City East Addition, Cook's original land. Click to expand,

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