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Rain Sprinkler

Date: c. 1955


Description: This rather odd-looking device becomes a bit more familiar when you hear its name. This is a rain sprinkler, used by the Sioux City Fire Department probably in the 1950s. Unlike your average lawn sprinkler, this one is made of heavy, solid metal and has an attachment port for a heavy-duty fire hose. The hose would be attached to a water source and then attached to the sprinkler, and the high water pressure would shoot water through the holes in the top. The holes are designed to emit a spray that is different from a hose, and the water could fall and cover a larger immediate area. This makes the sprinkler a handy tool in putting out grass fires. The Sioux City Fire Department has used many different kinds of technology over the years in order to rescue the city and its citizen from deadly fires, like the Ruff, Pelletier, Mondamin, and others. Even back in 1893 the fire department had 30 professional firefighters and four different stations. When the International Firefighters Association began Sioux City was the seventh city to join its ranks in 1918. Today Sioux City Fire Rescue has 7 stations, each one fully equipped with the latest technology and engines. They also service the Fire Prevention Bureau, which investigates crimes of arson and enforces Iowa laws regarding fire prevention, like regulating fireworks, bonfire permits and building inspection. The department hosts fire prevention education courses and services a hazardous materials division as well.


Donor: Sioux City Fire Department

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