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Photo of Tootle & Jackson General Store

Date: 1863


Description: This is a very early photograph of one of Sioux City’s first general stores, Tootle & Jackson. Milton Tootle was based out of St. Louis, and was simply the general proprietor of a long line of general stores up the Missouri River. James A. Jackson was the Sioux City man behind the store, and due to his business sense the store was successful. He was the son-in-law of John Cook and started the store at the request of Cook and Bruguier because it was far too expensive for people to constantly ship items from Council Bluffs. Originally the store was a log building, but this frame building pictured here came on the steamship Omaha and was located near 2nd and Pearl Streets. Once he had built up capital Jackson also made major improvements to the Morningside area and owned a large portion of it, which he ceded to his wife, Henrietta St. Aubin, after his death in 1893. Many streets still bear the names of Jackson and his family, including Jackson Street, St. Aubin Street and Henrietta Place.


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