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Dr. Taylor's Top Hat

Date: 1841

Description: This top hat once belonged to Dr. James F. Taylor, who was an obstetrician at the Florence Crittenton Home in the 1890s. This home, once located at 28th and Court, served as a home for maternity, early child care, and adoption services for unwed or impoverished mothers and children. This center offered specialized care for women in an era where health care was not as available to them, and physicians like Dr. Taylor often received little pay for their services. The home was dedicated The Crittenton Center in 1907, and in the 1970s different wards for adoption and child care were added to the building. The home was abandoned in 1998 because of the high maintenance costs and risks, and was torn down in March 2013.  The Crittenton Center still operates on 814 Peirce Street, providing services in medicine, education, and family services to any Sioux City family in need. Hats like this were standard in men’s fashion during this time, and likely came shipped by stagecoach to Sioux City to be sold by general stores and tailors. This hat is probably very similar to the one that John Cook and his surveyors would have worn when they were platting Sioux City.


Donor: Ray E. Nelson


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