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Hawkeye Truck

Date: 1919


Description: This truck was manufactured by the Hawkeye Motor Truck Company, which began here in Sioux City. Hawkeye began in 1914 by Ralph A. Bennet and was one of the many regional automobile manufacturers in Sioux City. The plant manufactured trucks consisting mostly of parts that were manufactured in Sioux City, either by Hawkeye itself or other local companies. The trucks were used for a wide variety of business purposes, from farms to moving companies. In its time Hawkeye manufactured some of the most highly praised trucks and sold to markets all over the world, including England and even China. The British loved the Hawkeye truck, dubbing it the “Rolls-Royce of Commercial Vehicles.” In Sioux City, there were more Hawkeye trucks on the roads than any other similar brand trucks. Unfortunately the company closed in 1934 due to the hard times of the Depression, and the restructuring of the automotive industry.


This particular truck was housed by a dealer in Remsen, Iowa. It could reach a top speed of 16 miles per hour and originally cost $1,995. Farmers of the area were suspicious of its new brand of tires, the truck was not sold for quite some time. Irving F. Jensen Jr. purchased the truck in 1974 from Dale Nafe of Kingsley, Iowa and had it restored the following year. It was restored with the Bekins Moving Company logo, a moving company in Sioux City that maintained over 18 Hawkeye trucks for use in their business. It was then loaned by Jensen to the Sioux City Public Museum.


On permanent loan from Irving F. Jensen, Jr.


On display

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